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Useful information for a secure credit card payment

Useful information for a secure credit card payment

Any communications between you, as customer and Paravion Tour, as owner, are confidential. Only Paravion Tour and PayU will send e-mail communications regarding the payment of the tickets and the bookigs, our messages are personalized with the sender's identification. PayU - our e-commerce service provider sends only confirmation of the payment or refusal messages regarding payment, sometimes requesting additional data in order to identify the card holder's identity.
Any suspicious message must be communicated to Paravion Tour or PayU if it is related to updating bank account information in order to process any payment.

Here are some tips to avoid attacks of pishing (theft of personal / confidential dates)

** Please do not reply and do not access links in emails that ask for personal information, financial or account details.

** Check the message fields: address "From" and "Return-path" must have as a reference the same source.

** In order to access links in emails, access websites directly by typing the web address in your browser, using the cut / paste or using the bookmark links.

** If you are on a secure page check "https" at the URL start and the icon in shape of lock in the browser.

** Make sure all antivirus spyware and browser patches and security on your computer are updated to the latest version, run the system scan on a regular basis.

** Review your accounts regularly and check if they were cases of unauthorized activity.

** Use a browser that has anti-pishing filter (Firefox, Internet Explorer or Opera).

Enjoy browsing on!