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How the system works - hotel booking

How the system works - hotel booking

1) Choose your destination

Destination: enter city name or choose it from list by clicking [choose city]. We recommend you the latter method, thus the destination field is populated with a unique code. A new window will open when clicking [choose city] where you can select country and city. Choose from the list and click OK.

Arrival: enter arrival date in the dd/mm/yyyy or click  to select the date.

Number of nights: select the number of nights for you booking.
Number of persons: select the number of persons (1 for a single room, 2 for a double room).

2) Other options
You can enter the name of a specific hotel and a maximum price/night (in EUR). You can select hotel category, its location and up to 3 other options.

3) Searching and booking
After entering all data and criteria click "Search". Wait until the results are displayed in a new window.
Searching is done using the Amadeus E-power engine, and transaction is secured through a 120 bits SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) session.
When the results are displayed, you will find step by step information to complete the booking at the desired hotel.