Airline Tickets: Payment Methods - Paravion

Airline tickets payment method

Tickets are booked and issued by Paravion Tour.

Payment can be done by:


1. On-line payment:

On-line payment is comfortable and fast. Paravion Tour sells its products using the on-line payment services of PayU Romania. Thus, we can provide our customers a safe and efficient order and payment service.


You can order our products following these 3 steps:


a. Select the product you want and press the "Buy Now" link.


b. Fill in your personal information. This information is necessary for the correct and efficient processing of your order. Inserting the personal data is done through a 129 Bits SSL connection. Your personal information is not sent to other peoplem by the Company nor PayU. Please see that you correctly fill in the form with the required information. The e-mail address is also very important because the order and product information will be sent by e-mail.Choose the desired payment method and confirm the information by pressing "Next Step".

c. Insert the credit/debit card information. If you chose the Credit/Debit Card payment method, it is necessary to fill in the information of your Card. For payments made with Visa and MasterCard (Visa/Visa Electron and MasterCard/Maestro) Credit/Debit Cards, it is used the "3-D Secure" system, developed by the organizations above to ensure a security standard for the on-line transactions, the same with the ones done at the ATMs or in a merchant's shop. "3-D Secure" ensures that no information regarding your card is transferred or kept, at any time, on our servers on the PayU servers: the information is sent to the Visa and MasterCard systems.

Further more, "3-D Secure" is an on-line system used to establish the identity of the card owner. The authentication process of the owner is made based on the security code, known only by the card owner, and it takes place only on the Visa or MasterCard server, according to the situation. The "3-D Secure" system allows on-line transactions made with any card issued under Visa and MasterCard license, including the debit cards and the electronic cards (Maestro and Visa Electron). The virtual cards issued by these organizations are also accepted.


If the card transaction was successful, the next screen will thank you for the order placed on our web site and will give you useful information about the order. This information will also be sent by e-mail. In some situations the bank may approve the transaction but PayU ( may require additional information regarding the card owner. In this case you will receive an email requesting these information. This is a security measure in order to insure that the transactions are not fraudulent. Please note that if you do not receive an email from PayU  confirming the transaction it may mean that the payment was not succesfull, please contact us.

The online payment will be made in EUR. If you are using a credit card in a currency other than EUR, the conversion will be made at the exchange rate of the bank that issued the card.

2. Offline payments


For any service requested after the ticket was issued online or for new bookings that were not paid online we will send you a secured link of payment that will redirect you to the PayU page.