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What Can You Take on Board with You?
Generally, you can take anything, except substances and objects classified in international practice as "dangerous", a list of which is printed in your ticket.


Weapons and portable radio transmitters are allowed with passengers only if they have a special permit.


Special baggage, say, musical instruments, can be taken into the cabin or even travel in the "own" seats, provided there is an additional ticket.


Free Baggage Carriage Rules
There are certain restrictions as regards weight, size and number of pieces of baggage to be taken on board.


The rate of free carriage of baggage is 20 kg for the tourist class, 30 kg for the business class, and 40 kg for the first class. On flights to the USA, Canada, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico this rate is defined as two pieces, the size of both (length, width and height) not exceeding 158 cm and the weight of each piece should be no more than 32 kg.


If the weight and size of your baggage exceeds the established norms, it is advisable that you settle all problems connected with its checking beforehand.


In Case Your Baggage is Lost or Damaged
In case of loss or damage of your baggage or any items missing in it, you need to apply, before leaving the arrival lounge, to the LOST AND FOUND Service of the airline and have the certificate on baggage carriage fault compiled.


A written claim must be lodged with the carrier immediately after the damage has been discovered, but no more than seven days after the baggage had been received.


In the case of loss of baggage a relevant claim is lodged with the carrier within two years from the date of your plane’s arrival to the point of destination.


How Much Hand Luggage Will You Take With You?
Under the established rules, a passenger is allowed to take with him or her one piece of non-checked luggage, but its weight is included into the allowed for free carriage norm. The non-checked luggage shall not exceed the established size, i.e. should fit into luggage lockers or under the seat. Since the size of luggage lockers and seats differ in different types of planes you should be prepared to be asked to send it to the baggage compartment.


A passenger may take with him or her over the above the baggage allowed for free carriage:

-a lady’s purse or a document case;
-printed matter for reading during the flight;
-baby food and a travelling cradle;
-an umbrella or a walking stick;
-a coat or a raincoat;
-a folding wheelchair and/or a pair of crutches if a passenger needs them.


The stewards recommend that you place your hand luggage in the following manner:

-overcoats and soft objects you may put on the shelf above your seat;
-heavy or big-size tings may be put under the seat in front of you;
-and last but not least, do not leave any luggage at emergency exits or in passageways.

Special Meals
Special meals should be ordered upon ticket issuing ( a special note must be made on the air ticket), but no less than 36 hours before the flight, and reconfirmed at check-in.
Special Needs Passengers
Carriage of Pregnant Women and Newborns
Pregnant women who are expected to give birth within the nearest four weeks must present a written consent to the flight from a doctor. A relevant medical examination certificate must be dated not earlier than 7 days before the flight.


It is not recommended to take newborns under 7 days on board.


Accompanying Invalids
Our airlines staff offer all kinds of help to invalids on boarding and leaving the plane, as well as during the flight. At the passenger request everything necessary, including a wheelchair, will be provided. Is such services are needed this should be mentioned when booking tickets, but no less than 72 hours before the flight.


Sick passengers must have a certificate of medical examination. The carrier has the right to refuse to take such passengers if their physical state may jeopardize safety of the flight or cause discomfort to other passengers.

Travelling with Animals
If you have decided to take your pet with you on board a plane, you must inform the operator when booking your ticket (a special note will be made in your ticket). You will have to arrive to the airport well in advance to have your pet registered.


Do not forget to bring with you a veterinary certificate and exit permit, also a veterinary first-aid kit (iodine, manganese crystals, and antipyretics), and tinned or dry food for the animal.


Pets (cats, fogs, birds) are carried in special cages (containers) provided by the passenger, and animals of less than 8 kg can be taken into the cabin upon the carrier’s permission, and those above 9 kg can fly only in the baggage compartment.


It should be noted that some states (Great Britain, Australia) have special rules for bringing animals into the country.


You may find out about the terms of carrying wild, rare and other animals when your have your ticket issued.


Payment for carriage of animals is the same as for extra baggage whether you have extra baggage or not, and the animals’ weight together with the container is not included in baggage weight allowed to be taken free of charge.


Guide-dogs accompanying blind persons are carried free.


Baggage policy

* Disclaimer: The baggage allowance is for information purposes only. The maximum weight of the luggage will be displayed on your electronic ticket. You may obtain complete information about luggage policy from Paravion agents or the airline’s website directly.


To / from the U.S.
Flight Class Carry-on 1st checked bag 2nd checked bag
Economy class Free of charge (1 bag -maximum 45 total linear inches (115 cm total)/ 22 lbs (10kgs)) Free of charge (1 bag -maximum 62 total linear inches (158 cm total)/ 50lbs (23kgs))
Premium economy class Free of charge (1 bag -maximum 45 total linear inches (115 cm total)/ 33lbs (15kgs)) Free of charge (2 bags -maximum 62 total linear inches (158 cm total)/ 70lbs (23kgs)) Free of charge (2 bags -maximum 62 total linear inches (158 cm total)/ 70lbs (23kgs))
Business class Free of charge (1 bag -maximum 45 total linear inches (115 cm total)/ 33lbs (15kgs)) Free of charge (2 bags -maximum 62 total linear inches (158 cm total)/ 70lbs (23kgs)) Free of charge (2 bags -maximum 62 total linear inches (158 cm total)/ 70lbs (23kgs))